Tigermeet PatchgrinsNATO TIGER MEET 2004 at Reccewing 51 Schleswig
321Tigers win Silver Tiger Trophy first time

The "Lechfeld Tigers", together with 'their' technicians, participated 30-08-2004 until 06-09-2004 with outstanding success in the NATO exercise "TIGER TEETH" at TRW 51 in Schleswig (Northern Germany). This exercise was conducted with NATO partners from overall 15 countries. During this exercise, the NATO Tiger Meet 2004 was conducted.

Silver Tiger

As usual during those anually held meetings of the members of the NATO Tiger Associoation, several multi-national operations in form of simulated air war campaigns were exercised. Participants of this exercise were tankers from the US, NATO AWACS airplanes, attack helicopters from Germany and the Cech Republic, german recce airplanes, bombers and interceptors from Belgium, Holland (Netherlands) and Switzerland.

Silver Tiger

The best of the tiger squadrons coming out of multiple events (read more in the NATO Tiger Association section) wins and holds for one year the "SILVER TIGER TROPHY" - a little tiger, made of pure silver, which was created, manufactured and donated in 1977 by the famous London silversmith Mappin & Webb. The price is given to the winner according to the following prerequesites:

 Silver Tiger Silver Tiger Tigermeet 2004

  • showed highest professionality on mission conduct
  • outstanding teamwork and camaraderie between flying and technical personnel
  • best companionship and cooperativeness with all participants in the exercise
  • high solidarity and connectivity with other nations
  • showing and living the "Esprit de Corps" of the NATO Tiger Association

Only with exceptional readyness and dedication on the side of the flyers and as well on the side of the technicians, could this goal - to win the prestigeous SILVER TROPHY - be achieved by the 321 Tigers in 2004. Our special thanks go therefore to our tech team!

Silver Tiger Silver Tiger Silver Tiger

The SILVER TIGER TROPHY was so far only won twice by a german squadron, in 1983 and 1987. This was the No.1 Squadron of (the meanwhile redrawn) FBW 43 from Oldenburg, flying the ALFA Jet at this time.

The Lechfeld Tigers were allowed to keep it for one year and were then supposed to give it back and compete again for it. Unfortunately, when the Tiger Meet 2005 with 192 FILO in Balikeshir, Turkey, took place, the Squadron was - due to too many commitments in this year - not able to send a fully manned team and could therefore not participate in all events. So the price went on to the next winner.

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Silvertiger handover Silvertiger handover Squadron Boss with Silver Tiger

Silver Tiger Silver Tiger Silver Tiger

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One Episode of Tigermeet 2004, which has not been told publically so far. Read under the following link the story of the Lick-on Tattoos of the Lechfeld Tigers. Thanks to Tiger-Ecki (RIP).

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