The ECR mission

Task spectrum of the ECR TORNADO

The role SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense) is normally conducted in the course of combined air operations and serves the protection of own and allied attack fores. To perform this task (protection of own forces) several kinds of missions are flown which all are different in regards of type, amount of coordination and amount of support:

    THE TORNADO ECR is flying ahead of own air attack forces and operates completely separated from the package. His capabilities to detect enemy air defense positions and give this information to the own forces and the possibility to suppress the enemy air defense are used.
    The TORNADO ECR escorts own attack forces (the packag). He perfoms the same support as when sweeping but is not as flexible in doing this as when flying ahead or separated. On the other hand the ECR have the protection against any air threat through the fighters in the package.
    When tasked "point suppression" the ECRs suppress a distinct target at a distinct position for a given amount of time. This mission is used for the direct support of attack forces on target run.
    Very similar to "point suppression" but instead of a pinpoint target a whole defined area has to be suppressed for an attacking bomber force.

Wartime operational missions of german ECR Tornados:

 Operation DENY FLIGHT


 IFOR Mission

 SFOR Mission


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