321 Tiger's Bilder und Videos

lose formation watching the buddy moving in for close formation lose formaiton joining the tanker lose formation rejoining for approach close formation for approach 46+cleared into pre-contact 46+48 moving backwards into pre-contact 46+48 closes in for air-to-air refuelling 46+48 closes further in for air-to-air refuelling 46+48 rejoins for air-to-air refuelling final approach to Lechfeld rear cockpit view buddy-buddy air-to-air refuelleing moving into precontact position buddy-buddy refuelling - rear cockpit view formation with the tanker air-to-air refuelling precontact position close formation Tigerjet 46+45 Tigerjet 46+45 from 1998 Tigerjet 46+45 from 1998 coloured tank Tigerjet 46+45 from 1998 Tigerjet 1998 and "40 years FBW 32" on apron Tigerjet 1998 with colored tail Tigerjet 1998 with colorful tanks 40 Jahre JaboG 32 M hle tigers over Bosnia close formation with Eurofighter Tigerjet manouvering wings 67 view from above graue Tiger-M hle on top cleared taxi back tornado short final ecr vor Alpen Kulisse takeoff tiger m hle tiger formation tiger rudi's bimskopf Tornado maxed out refuel kc130_1 refuel kc130_2 Over Sinsheim Museum high G pullup with vortices over the wing eckis-four-harmer-hammer preview Tigerjet 46+45 1998 Tigerjet 2001 46+44

Last picture "Tigerjet 46+44 during exercise RED FLAG 2002" courtesy Rick Craft from Lancaster, USA. Thanx Rick!!

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