Exercise Spartan Hammer, Greece 2006

With energetic support of the 321 Tigers (seven of eight Pilots were active or former squadron members!) the TTVG ECR (operational test and evaluation section of our wing) took part in the NATO Trial “Spartan Hammer 06” in Andravida, Greece

The intent was to show the ability of IDM (Improved Data Modem – it’s basically flying WLAN) with three Tornados ECR in an international Network (14 NATO – members took part in the trial). We had to find a short term solution for that because normally our aircraft is not equipped with that feature. But thanks to a standard notebook, a secret encryption device and one of our radios on board we were able to make it (flexibility is the key to success). So we were capable of e.g. receiving target assignments of other players like AWACS, or putting out reconnaissance results from our on board Emitter Location System to all connected NATO – Partners.

More detailed information concerning the trial and some high resolution pics you will find at the official NATO pages: to the report


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