squadron crest 1958-1961squadron crest 1958-1961The Lechfeld Tigers "Pantherpatch" story


The story of this squadron crest lies somewhat in the dark. Introduced around 1958, it's roots must lie in the USA.

321 Panther Patch

In Luke AFB (Phoenix, Arizona) our flying forefathers were trained on the F-84. The local training squadron was the "Panther Squadron". On the picture above you see the crest on the orignal of a picture from around 1959.

By nature, the crests which are worn on the flying suit, come after flying training, back into the home units of the students. Here in the first squadron fighterbomber wing 32 this motiv - be it for some brotherhood type of  feeling for the american training squadron, or any other practical reason - was incorporated into the newly designed squadron crest of 1./JaboG 32, the later 321 Tigers.

Here it was worn until for nowadays not recognizable reasons, in German flying squadrons patches were not longer worn.

321 Panter Patch

This picture was made end of the fifties at Luke AFB in front of the traning squadron. The second guy from the left, an american IP (instructor pilot), wears well visible the mentioned patch. The other three are german students and wear most probably the crest of the german training squadron.

The pilots are (from left to right):

  • Rudolf Heinzelmann (many thanks to him for sending those 2 pictures)
  • the american IP Wilson (??)
  • Alfred Klump
  • Günther Lünse (died in an accident 22.06.59 in Lechfeld) -> see also menue item '1st Squadron' -> Dead Comrades

Class 61-D, 1960

Class 61-D, Luke AFB 1960

Class 59-H

class 59-H, Luke AFB Nov. 1958
Thanks to Mrs. Kati Bates (The Mexikanerin) for these pictures!!

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