Mini Tiger Meet Patch Mini Tiger Meet Aldergrove (Belfast) 25.-28.05.2007

On Friday, May 25th we set off from Lechfeld with 2 Tornados towards Northern Ireland to take part in the Mini Tigermeet in Aldergrove, near Belfast.

We were invited by the 230 Squadron stationed there, who fly the Puma helicopter and, like the 321 Lechfeld Tigers, are full members of the NATO Tiger Association.

The 230 Squadron had won the Silver Tiger in Balikeshir (Turkey) in 2005 and thus became our successor in owning the Silver Tiger.

In comparison to the NATO Tigermeet, the Mini Tigermeet is also an event within the Tiger Community, but does not include any aviation components. The focus here is on the social part and the exchange of experiences. Likewise, the circle of participants is usually significantly smaller.

In Aldergrove, in addition to a static display (ground view of our Tornado for visitors to the family day), we also had a hangar party and a bus tour through Belfast on the agenda.

On Monday, May 28th we started our return flight.

The following members took part in the Mini Tiger Meet:

  • 321 Squadron with 2 x Tornado ECR from Lechfeld
  • 31 Squadron with 2 x F-16 from Kleine Brogel, Belgium
  • AG 51 “Immelmann” without a plane from Schleswig
  • Host 230 Squadron with PUMA helicopter, GB

Finally, some unsorted impressions:



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