Patch Mini Tigermeet Prerov 2006Mini Tiger Meet Prerov 09.06. - 12.06.2006

After a few Lechfeld Tigers, who were not supposed to get a jet, decided to travel by car to the Mini-Tigermeet in Prerov, and then were scattered on various projects over the course of the week, Enzo and Sautix were the only lucky ones who were there Friday, June 9, 2006, who were able to grab a jet to fly to Prerov. As soon as they landed there, they went to the standard check-in with the friends from 231 Sqdn. Afterwards we went back to the flight line to enjoy the display rehearsals for the upcoming open day. After a short stop at our hotel, we took the bus to the local town hall to be warmly welcomed by the local mayor. A dinner in the town hall rounded off the evening. Since tigers are never tired, the tiger pack then went to a disco to celebrate!

The next day began with breakfast and the briefing for the display crews. We then moved towards the flight line to answer questions from visitors as part of our static display. We enjoyed the variety of beautifully flown displays. This included not only the Belgian F-16 solo, but also the Czech Gripen solo, the display of the Flying Red Bulls, L-139, Mi-24, Mi-8 and many more. We then demonstrated our skills at the announced Tiger Games, after which the day ended with a hangar party, which continued seamlessly in the same disco as the previous evening.

Sunday was characterized by rest, a trip to Olomouc, a little bowling session there, and of course watching one of the World Cup football games! After several Tiger-typical departures, we also made our way home on Monday. We would like to thank our Czech friends for this lovely weekend! See'ya in Albacete!


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