NATO TIGER MEET 2007 (Arctic Tiger) Ørland, Norway



From September 24th - October 01st the NATO Tiger Meet 2007 took place under the motto “Arctic Tiger” in Ørland, Norway. With only a week's break, this meant that some of us went back to Ørland, where the Bold Avenger exercise had previously taken place.

Unfortunately we were only able to participate partially (namely September 27th - October 1st in a kind of cross country mission) and moved to Norway with 3 TORNADOs on Thursday with a stopover in Wittmund.

Tigerjet mit SMASH und Slider führt die Formation nach Norden

In the newly completed 46+48 SMASH and SLIDER took us northwards.

Rollen bei der Ankunft in Orland - Orland arrival taxi

taxiing zur Parkposition

Ankunft in Orland - Orland arrival

Arrival at the parking spot

Ankunft in Orland - Orland arrival

Baby Tiger is well

When we arrived in Norway, we started planning our local flight over the bizarre and beautiful mountain and fjord landscape. The route took us across the Arctic Circle to Bodo MAS and back.

On Friday afternoon our bikes left the solid ground of Iceland for a flight time of 1:40 hours in a local loop.

local flight fingertip formation

fingertip Formation

rein in's Tal

und runter das Tal

local flight - going on top

über den Wolken ...

tiger's cockpit

Tiger's cockpit

on top loose formation

lose formation

local flight - avoinding the mountains

breath taking sceneries.

local flight - no fighters around, enjoing

Keine Jäger in der Gegend - Easy Going

local flight - looks like winter is inbound

der Winter kommt

This year a total of 17 squadrons from many NATO — countries took part in the high value exercise. Here are some impressions:

Tigergames Mannschafft

321 Tigers @ Tigergames

Im Schnellboot zum Galadinner

Also pretty fast: the speed
boat to the Gala Dinner

321 Tigers und Staffel 11 bei den Tiger Games

Staffel 11 & 321 Tigers @ tigergames

Skit night impression

skit night

skit night impression

skit night

A real fan

a true fan


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