1st und 2nd Lechfeld Squadron at exercise BOLD AVENGER 2007

Bold Avenger PatchOn 30/08/2007 together with the 322 Flyingmonsters the 321 Tigers were dispatched with 3 TORNADO ECR and 5 crews to Ørland  MAS in Norway. There this year's exercice BOLD AVENGER (BAR07), the former  NATO AIRMEET NAM, took place. Here we trained in the norwegian airspace, over land and over the Northsea, combined air operations together with over 100 fighterjets,  transport aircraft, heavy tanker aircraft, AWACS and further support aircraft from overall 13 NATO countries. From Germany there were some more jets from RECCE Wing 51 (now Tactical Luftwaffe Wing 51) "Immelmann" in Schleswig. Further aircraft and crews came from Belgium, Canada, Tchech Republic, France, Greece, Norway, Polen, Rumania, Spain, Turkey, GB and USA. Overall 1450 persons. Under them were the following Tiger Sqadrons: 321 Tigers, 51 Tigers from Schleswig, 338 Squadron from Norway (host) and EC 1/12 from Cambrai in France.

 Ørland  is situated on the norwegian westcoast a little bit south of the Polar Circle near to Trondheim. The weather resembled more or less an average November day in Germany which meant for us to freeze and wait for showers to pass by. Because of this the more we enjoyed once a day to shoot through the clouds and have the sun shining for two hours on our helmets. BAR07 ended 14/09/2007. On 24/09/2007 the NATO Tigermeet was planned (and conducted) in Ørland in which we unfortunately could not participate with the normal manpower. Only over the weekend we flew in with three jets.

Living in the exercise

Anzug - Outfit "Walking".

On the way to the airplane.

Arbeitsgerät - Equipment Our Equipment

Crewbus Crewbus to the flightline

deutsche Wartung - german maintenance crewsGerman technicians (left in the rain)

Deutscher/German ECROur "bird"

Unterhaltung nachts - entertainment at night Nightlife and entertainment.

Harry and Enzo at the bar HARRY and ENZO at the Bar

International night 1 International Night

Ops at work - Einsetzer bei der Arbeit Ops offiziers at work

Raffale 2Aiming at french Rafale

Deutscher/German Recce TornadoGerman Recce Tornado from Schleswig


Climbout - Nach dem StartClimbout after take-off

Enge Formation - Close Formation

Tanker joinup - Ann herung an den Tanker

Precontact Position



Fingertip Formation

Am Tanker

ECR in Formation mit dem Tanker

ECR beim Tanken

ECR Tornadao rotating on departure to mission

ECR Take-off

Climibing out

see you later

Mission complete - ECR on rollout with thrust reverse deployed

Wappen der Übung Bold Avenger auf der Motorhaube


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