Story of the design of the squadron crest

With the conversion from the old Tornado IDS to the brandnew Tornado ECR, according to the majority of the squadron members, an era of the squadron came to an end. The bomber "bussiness" was so much different from the upcoming tasks that most of the squadron members had the opinion that this had to dokumented in form of a new squadron crest.

All squadron members were requested to present their suggestions and ideas. 4 scetches were turned in and heavily discussed on occasion. In the end the nowadays crest was chosen as a compromise between a very old and a new design.

Suggestion Major Römpler

Suggestion Major Heidenblut in close narration to the former "dumpling sling"

Discovered by Lt Eckhardt on an old picture of an F-84 Thunderstreak The new, by him modified design, took two things in account: a stringent squadron tradition and Ecki's dreams of the Tiger Meet.

The favorite design as presented by Lt Eckhardt and Capt. Feldhausen.

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