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Firefox Toolbar with Lechfeld Tigers Look
toolbar screenshot Finally its back again (but for Firefox browsers only so far): the toolbar in the design of the 321 Tigers.
How it works is found here.

The official Lechfeld Tiger Squadron Print
This is the official squadron print, as it was presented as a good-bye gift to squadron members, or a squadron gift to the host of e.g. tiger meets.

Tigerjets for FS 2004 for download (courtesy Sebastian Hecker)
4644 for fs 2004
4645 for fs 2004

Lechfeld Procedures (VAD [Jet], SID, Approach Precedures)
Find these and more Procedures here on the mirrored MIL AIP pages.

Lechfeld (ETSL) Notams

Banner Exchange: you have your own homepage and want to link on us?

There are 2 ways to do it:

  1. Copy the html code under the selected  banner to the place on your site, where the banner should show up, or
  2. Mark the URL part of the code (http://www.321tigers.de/ ...) and copy it via "Copy-Paste" into the link insertion form of your WYSIWIG html edit tool (e.g. Frontpage, Dreamweaver ...)

Button:Lechfeld 321Tigers
<a href="http://www.321tigers.org" target="_blank" ><img src="http://www.321tigers.org/321link.gif" alt="Lechfeld 321Tigers." border="0" width="150" height="50"></a>

<a href="http://www.321tigers.org" target="_blank" ><img src="http://www.321tigers.org/321link2.gif" alt="Lechfeld 321Tigers." border="0" width="430" height="60"></a>

<a href="http://www.321tigers.org" target="_blank" ><img src="http://www.321tigers.org/321link3.jpg" alt="Lechfeld 321Tigers." border="0" width="513" height="59"></a>

You want to place a link to your homepage?
You easily can link up your homepage in our ffa (free for all) link section, including a banner if available. For this purpose you proceed as follows:
  1. Your site should somehow stand in context to the "flying business".
  2. Keep the URL of your banner available.
  3. Change via the link at the bottom of this enumeration to the ffa section and select there "Insert a new link". Fill in the form and send it away.
  4. A banner will be shown after inspection by the webmaster.
  5. In case of error or mistyping mail to the webm@ster together with a description of the desired correction.

Change to the ffa section

You want to come to Lechfeld?


D - 86836 Lagerlechfeld

Der WEB.DE Routenplaner auch auf Ihrer Homepage
or have a look at the surroundings of Lechfeld out of the bird perspective (respectively 'Sputnik-Perspective'):
Lechfeld and surroundings from above

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