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NATO Tiger Meet 1998 hosted by Fighterbomberwing 32, Lechfeld
NATO Tiger Meet 1998 patch

Picture of all NTM 98 participants sitting on the 46+45 Tornado

Picture gallery:
NTM 98 Impressions

The 321 Tigers were pleased and proud to host the "NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) 1998" at their home, Lechfeld Airbase, in Germany, from 15 to 24 June 1998. 
For the official NTM 98 patch design, the tigeremblem was taken from the 321 squadron patch and combined with the well known "NATO star".

Tiger Meets were designed and are intended to bring NATO Tigers, flying crews as well as tech crews, together for the exchange of ideas and the practicing of tactics in full up professional flying. Besides of that, after duty and on the weekends, to get to know each other, and having a lot of fun, are further major key points of any Tiger Meet. To see an example of the complete schedule of a full Tiger Meet, switch to the presentation of the "NTM 2001 at Kleine Brogel".

Participants of the NATO TIGER MEET 1998

Squadron Aircraft
EC 5/330 FR Mirage F1
336 Sqn NO F-5
Flot 1/11 FR Super Etendard
31 Sqn BE F-16A
230 Sqn UK Puma
21 Sqn IT Tornado F3
AG 51 GE Recce Tornado
EC 1/12 FR Mirage 200
192 Sqn TR F-16D
301 Sqn PO Alpha Jet
53 Sqn USA F-15 C


Weekendguest-only participants 21.06.98

Squadron Aircraft
74 Sqn UK Hawk
313 Sqn NL F-16A
155 Sqn IT Tornado ECR
494 TFS USA F-15E
37 BS USA B-1
141 ARS USA KC-135
11 Sqn CH F-5

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