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Tigerjet 2011 Design Competition
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Competition Finished!!

There are two anniversaries in 2011 and some important events which come with them which will affect in a large degree the 321 Tigers:

  1. 50 years NATO Tiger Association
  2. 15 years 321 Tiger's full membership in the NTA

To give our fans and friends a chance to participate in the birth of a new tigerjet and to see possibly completely new approaches to this subject, the 321 Tigers decided to pull the design of the next tigerjet out of a "Tigerjet Design Competition".

If you have a good, possibly even a spectacular idea and the capabilities to create a tigerdsign on paper or digitally in your computer then you are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in our competition. Everything which is important to know for participation (the so called ROEs - rules of engagement) can be found on a page on its own..

Hand-in deadline is 18-01-2011!!!

There will be of course prices for the winner and the next four best designs.

Now, good luck to all participants!

- The Lechfeld Tigers -

To the ROEs page for the Tigerjet 2011 Design Competition

The 321 Tigers officially announce the sequence of winners of the Tigerjet 2011 Design Competition. The squadron members had an extremely hard time to figure out a sequence behind the first winner which was more or less clear without ambiguity:


  1. Thomas M. from Dossenheim
    Gewinner des Tigerjet 2011 Design Wettbewerb

  2. Stefan R. from Mödling, Österreich
    Zweiter Sieger des Tigerjet 2011 Design Wettbewerb

  3. Alexander B. from Rodewisch
    Dritter Platz im Tigerjet 2011 Design Wettbewerb

  4. Matthias B. from Euskirchen
    Vierter Platz Tigerjet 2011 Design Wettbewerb

  5. Silas M., 8 Jahre, from Ammersee
    Tigerjet Entwurf von Silas May, 8 Jahre


For comparison the results of the public votes

Overview and more perspective views of all sendings


In the name of the Squadron Comander Maj. Jörg Schroeder we thank all participants. All transmittals are very very nice and show the large dedication of all participants. Therefore the Lechfeld Tigers have decided to invite all designers into the squadron in June 2011 when also the prices will be handed over to the winners.