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Tigerjet Design Competition - Rules and Regs

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ROEs (Rules of Engagement) for the Tigerjet 2011 design competition:

0. Basics
  • This competition takes place under the prerequesite that the Tigers will not be hindered from painting the jet because of upcoming duty restraints or decissions by higher headquarter because of some political developements. In short: situations may develop in the future which draws the attention to more important topics.
  • The rights on the design go over to the squadron so that we are flexible in presenting and 'using' the jet according to our needs. The 'credits' for the concept itself though remain of course with the developer and his name will belong to the jet as long as it is flown and presented by the squadron.
  • Every participant declares with his participation that he aggrees on the fact that his design will be shown and presented by the squadron and that it can also be used, possibly modified, on later tigerjets. In this case of course the upper said is still valid and also the designer will get a price or reward for his concept (e.g. t-shirt and/or patches and/or stickers). The squadron will decide this at that time.
  • All designs remain with the squadron and will not be shared with third parties.
  • The squadron will not and cannot draw money worth benefits out of handed in designs.
1. Theme of the design

The main themes for this design must of course be:

  1. The tiger
  2. 50 Years NATO Tiger Association
  3. 15 years 321 tigers full membership in the NTA

In regards to the number of used colors, the complexity and the number of single elements the design must be on a level which allows us, and our paint shop, to bring it up in a reasonable amount of time (we do not have the time to paint for days and days and days on tiny details in great number).

2. Requirements/restrictions for the painting

You are allowed - and requested - to paint the whole jet except for:

  • Radom (black RADAR nose)
  • all antennas (recognizable on the black color)
  • Canopy
  • thrust reverser buckets
  • the area around the slot where the wings disappear in the fuselage when swept


  • The underwing tanks should - when possible and reasonable - be integrated into the concept
  • Nationality markings and registrations must remain visible and recognizable
  • '' has to be written full size and easily readable (contrast!) along the trailing edge of the fin (see the 'metamorphosis' tigerjet 46+44 where we introduced this as a novelty in 2001).
3. Deadline

Deadline for handing in is 18-01-2011!

This is pretty early compared to the NTA anniversary in May but it takes some time for the squadron to view and discuss the solutions and finally vote for the winner(s). After that the design goes to higher headquarter for clearance which also may take several weeks of time.
4. Decission and selection

The decission about the best design will be made by voting through the assembled squadron. When exactly the official and public announcement of the winner will take place is not known yet. Possibly it will take place as late as the official rollout of the jet for the NATO Tiger Meet in France.

Past the hand-in deadline we will organize an online or email public-opinion poll just to see what design the guys out there in the WWW would have chosen as the best one. The outcome of this poll will not be taken into the official choice.

5. Prices

1st price:

  • Invitation to the squadron to participate in a regular flying duty day. The winner will observe all the mass briefings, the flight planning phase, a mission briefing and will follow the crews to the jet in the shelter. There he can see what the technicians are doing, how the jet is prepared for a flight, how the crew is strapped in and how the engines are started. After that the jet taxies to the "last chance" area with the final technical checks and removal of the last safety pins. Then you will watch the takeoff. After this the winner will get a personal tour through the wing conducted by a crew member of the squadron. He will of course also participate in the collective meal(s) in the squadron and get enough coffee to stand the day awake ;-))
    At this point it has to be mentioned, that unfortunately, there are no funds available to sponsor the travel and possibly overnight costs of the winner!! The Meals of course are free and also transportation from/to the railway station and a hotel if applicable.
  • a squadron print signed by all squadron members
  • squadron patch
  • A set of A3 prints of former 321 tigerjets sponsored by JET-PRINTS.COM

2nd and 3rd price:

  • 321 Tiger T-Shirt
  • squadron patch
  • coupon for 3 JET-PRINT.COM prints of your choice

4th and 5th price:

  • sqadron patch
  • coupon for one JET-PRINT of your choice
5. Handing in the concept

The concept should show as many perspectives as neccessary to outline all details. The pictures/drawings have to be big enough to make all details easily recognizable.

Any digital (vektor drawing, jpeg, png, no uncompressed bitmap please) and analog (foto or drawing) picture form will be accepted.

If possible (and if existing) write down the main thoughts behind the concept either in short form or detailed (see 'metamorphosis' story with tigerjet 46+44). Of course is it also OK if the design is just pretty ;-))

Send the concept please via email with the subject 'Tigerjet 2011' to:

(This address is also valid for questions, remarks, requests in conjunction with the competition).

or via "snail mail" to:

Jagdbombergeschwader 32
1. Jagdbomberstaffel ECR
Stichwort: Tigerjet 2011
D-86836 Lagerlechfeld, Germany

6. Drawing templates

As a little help we have prepared 7 TORNADO (not always ECR) drawings for download. You can use them but don't have to. In which size or scale you hand something in is completely irrelevant. But - the bigger the better for us to prepare and conduct the paint job later on and to recognize the beauty in your work ;-))

Good luck and have fun!!