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   Squadron Watches of the 321 Tigers

Since 2006, the 1st squadron FBW 32, the Lechfeld Tigers, owed three types of private squdron watches.

The first squadron watch
first squadron watch of the 321 Tigers Soon after the conversion from a fighter/bomber to an ECR squadron, the wish to document this uniqueness within the wing and within the Luftwaffe in form of a unique squadron watch grew more and more under the squadron members. A short while later somebody came up with an offer of a watch factory which sounded very very good to us. Quite a number of squadron members decided to order this watch. Unfortunately after a short while only we had to find out that - despite of nice optics and excellent materials - the accuracy of the watch was very poor. It was even poorer than the one of the official flyer's watch (because of that many crews had wanted to change to a privately owned watch).
Breitling and Sinn are coming

In 2002 the squadron decided to project a new watch for the squadron members with the squadron crest on the clock face. The search for a suitable model was not easy. Too different were the tasts and the ideas about the price! But one thing was clear from the beginning: it had to be an automatic (in contrary to the 322 Monsters, who had orderd a digital "wakener watch"), and it hat to be very special (because we are a special squadron). Automatic watches which are worn in different Flying Squadrons are e.g. the FORTIS Flyers Chronograph, the BREITLING Navtimer, the SINN Flyer Chronograph Replika and so on. After some discussion, two interrest groups formed out: Breitling vs. Sinn. Because it was not possible to agree on one of it, both were ordered:

  • Breitling Heritage with a limited edition of 250, and
  • Sinn 103 St, also limited edition of 250, but in different modification states (Ty, Ar, StSa).

Both clocks are not flown in any other Luftwaffe Squadron (where the Navtimer Kal13 is, but not the Heritage Kal15).

It should be mentioned that Sinn - after a short period of hesitation - showed themselves very cooperative. It was 'granted' that the watch, with a limited edition of 250, with identical clock face, could be ordered in different editions and modifications:

  1. Steel with/without saphireglas bottom
  2. Titanium with/without saphireglas bottom
  3. Argon filling opional and
  4. Chronometer certificate optional.

Furthermore is to mention that the squadron crest substitutes the 6 o'clock indication instead of vanishing behind it.

30-50 watches remained in the squadron. The rest went onto the free market and a larger amount of the Breitling went to Japan.

Both clocks are worn by most of the owners during daily flying duty, even though its kind of a little bit pitty because of the wear and tear in the cockpit.

Because only 250 pieces were produced of both types they are a unique value for collectors.

The CO (commanding officer) btw. owed the Sinn with the serial number 001-250 and the senior ops officer the one with 250-250. So, the first and the last of the series, remained in the squadron (until both of them had to leave on new orders).

The Breitling Heritage:

Breitling Heritage watch

Breitling Back

The HERITAGE is a mechanical Chronograph for Flyers with "Flyback" (the sophisticated technology for the fast return of the seconds stopwatch needle) and a slide rule integrated into the bezel which can be used for the computation of useful aviation data. On the back is, engraved with a laser, a pilot's cap together with the numbers "321" and the serial number 000/250.

The design of the watch goes back to the NAVTIMER which was developed 50 years ago. For more than two years now, the HERITAGE is on the market as the top model of the NAVTIMER line.

In cooperation with a Jeweller from Ulm, the 321 Tigers could manage to publish the first limited series of this demanded aviation watch. Because only 250 pieces were produced, the uniqueness, and therefore the value for collectors, is guaranteed.

Sinn 103 St
Sinn 103 Staffeluhr
Squadron watch 2006

Mid of August 2006 fell the decisision: a new squadron watch will be ordered. It will be a FORTIS. For squadron members - and only for them - the choice is possible between:

  1. B-42 Pilot Professional (635.22.11) and
  2. B-42 Official Cosmonauts (638.10.11).

Tigers and Monsters have decided this time to buy the same watch, but of course with different pictures and writings inside. The projected number of watches is: number of orders from each squadron plus 100.

Unfortunately is a direct selling of this watch through the sqadron not possible. People interrested in buying one, please contact Fortis via direct means or via a dealer!!

And here some more details:

  • Choice of 3 different watchstraps: leather, steal (extra charge) and caoutchouc.
  • Rotor engraving and 'behind the glas bottom print' possible with extra charge for the "Pilot Professional".
B-42 Pilot Professional (635.22.11)
B-42 Official Cosmonauts (638.10.11)
Instead of '321 Tigers' the writing inside will be: '321 Tiger Squadron'!!!!
The watchstraps

321 Tigers Staffeluhr "Final Edition" 2014 Staffeluhr final edition 2014 RückseiteMore than a year after the unspectacular end of the 321 Squadron our former squadron member "Krümel" approaches the project of a "FINAL EDITION" squadron watch for an exiting good price and ends up with the Breitling Superocean Chronograph. The watch is produced in an absolutely limited number of 100 items. Each watch gets a unique serial number on its backside, e.g. 032/100. Former Tigers have priorized hand on all numbers except No. 1 and 2. When all Tigers are satidfied everybody who is interested can get one.

The main features of our FINAL EDITION:

  • Model: Breitling Superocean Cronograph II (details via Internet)
  • wristlet in leather like depicted or metal (extra price)
  • matted housing without extra price
  • series limited to 75 pieces
  • All watches with new worldwide e-warrenty and 100 % Swiss production.
  • Delivery between Juli und Oktober 2014
  • VAT refundable