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321 Tigers daily picture

Your photo/picture as the 321 Tiger's daily picture

On our homepage we present every day a random photo which was provided by a visitor. Should you have what you think is a good/spectacular photo related to military aviation, then you can throw it into our pool.

Address for the password registration:

And that's how it is done:

  1. First register a password for the upload (either propose your own, or get one).
  2. You get the password registration confirmation back via the same email address.
  3. With this address and the password you can upload a photo/picture together with a short comment
    (Please attach a short comment to give others a clue what the picture shows and where/when it was taken!!!).
  4. Password and email address remain valid for further uploads (immediate further uploads will be delayed for some time).

The picture/photo may have a mximum size of 400 Kb (400 * 1024 bytes) and the type can only be 'jpg' (jpeg). After the upload it will first be sighted and worked on by the webmaster before it is thrown into the pool. Since the daily picture is displayed in random order it may pass some time before it shows up. The show-selection will be announced to you by email.

In case you get the error message 'image type is not a jpeg' after upload, please use a different browser! (No problems so far with Mozilla, Firefox, Opera; reported problems with some Internet Explorer derivates).

image file :
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