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Ørland, Norway

Map: Ørland Airbase



From September 24th untill October 1st, Ørland MAS hosted the annual NATO Tiger Meet “Arctic Tiger”. For some of us it was a return back to Ørland after being home for only one week after the exercise BOLD AVENGER had finished.

preparation at Wittmund stopover

Taxiing in Lechfeld

Approaching 'Last Chance'

Stopover at Wittmund

For the Tiger Meet we deployed 3 Tornados (27th Sept.- 01st October) via Wittmund in Northern Germany to Norway for a partial participation only (more or less a x-country flight over the weekend due to internal constraints).

Our newly designed Tigerjet 46+48 lead us northbound with its crew SMASH and SLIDER.

Rollen bei der Ankunft in Orland - Orland arrival taxi Ankunft in Orland - Orland arrival Ankunft in Orland - Orland arrival

taxiing to parking

parking arrival

Baby Tiger looking good

Upon arrival in Orland we already started our planning for the next day's local flight over the beautiful mountainous area up to the polar circle at latitude 66,5° N.

On friday around noon our gears retracted for a total of 1:40 h flight time.

local flight fingertip formation

fingertip formation

valley turn-in

down the valley

local flight - going on top tiger's cockpit on top loose formation

going on top

tiger's cockpit

loose formation

local flight - avoinding the mountains local flight - no fighters around, enjoing local flight - looks like winter is inbound

avoiding the mountains - fabulous landscape

no fighters around - easy going

looks like the winter is near

This year as many as 17 Squadrons from all over NATO participated in this valuable exercise. Everybody learned a lot, had great fun and enjoyed the outstanding Norwegian friendship and hosting.

Here some Tiger Meet 2007 impressions:

321 Tigers @ tigergames

Also fast: speedboat trip to gala dinner

Staffel 11 & 321 Tigers @ tigergames

Skit night impression A real fan skit night impression

skit night

a real fan

skit night

In the end 31 Sqn (F16) from Kleine Brogel, Belgium had the honour to win the Silvertiger and take it home until the next Tiger Meet. This Trophy is given to the Squadron with the best overall performance.

This is the winner "best painted aircraft" from Staffel 11, Meiringen, Switzerland equipped with F-18:

If you like to see who won the other prices, or need more information about the association and squadrons, reference this link: