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321 Tiger's Firefox Toolbar

For the REAL fans of the 321 Tigers there is now (finally again) the option given:

  1. to modify the toolbar area of your Firefox browser with the design of the Lechfeld Tigers,
  2. to show the portal picture of the Tigers as a background image of a new Firefox window or tab until some content is loaded into it,
  3. to show the patches of the 321 squadron and FBW 32 in the left lower corner of the "preferences" window and
  4. to give the active tab the color of the Tigers.

A "thanks a lot" for the make-up of this hack goes to (Super-) Mario Burger, a former draftee of FBW 32 who saw the former similar hack for the MS IE Brwoser which does not work any longer, and who decided something like this must be reemplemented for the Firefox browser of any 321 Tigers fan.

And that's what it looks like :


Prefs Fenster screenshot

And here is how it is done:

  1. Download the zipped archive and upack it in a temp directory (or elsewhere). You can delete the files after installation. Download here!
  2. Use the windows file explorer to find the directory where Firefox stores your personal configuration data for display which you normally find under this path:
    C:\documents&preferences\ your username\application data\Mozilla\

    "your username' means the name with which you login at your system and something.default means some cryptic characters like for instance ydfxsdfre.default.
  3. In this directory you find the two files "userCrome-example.css" and "userContent-example.css". Just leave them untouched.
  4. Now copy all files from the zip archive into this directory.
  5. End and restart Firefox. The new toolbar like on the screenshot above should show up now. The background picture in the browser window will only show on a blank window or blank tab.
  6. In case you prefer a white input field for internet addresses or google search words etc. (matter of taste) then change the file userCrome.css as follows (comment out the code block):
    from :
    {-moz-appearance: none !important;
    background-color: transparent !important;}

    to :
    /* #urlbar,
    {-moz-appearance: none !important;
    background-color: transparent !important;} */
  7. The background image in a new browser window or tab will vanish as soon as content is loaded into it. In case you do not want this feature then just erase userContent.css or comment out the block under /* Add background image to emty tabs */ (like above).