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Tigerbaby and the Kidnapping

We mustn't forget, that there is another - a second - flying squadron at Lechfeld: the ' 322 Flying Monsters'. They also have a mascot: a little red dragon, which looks more like a slimy pregnant red frog to the Tigers. Unfortunately one day, we were not able to stop Tigerbaby from kidnapping the frog-monster and to demand a ransom.
The 2 mascots had a good life and lots of fun, while it took the 2nd Squadron a pretty long time to pay the ransom. (Faked) photographs of the frog-monster, undergoing torture, were neccesary to convince them of the seriousness of Tigerbaby's demands. The frog-monster survived and returned safely to the 2nd Squadron. But see for yourself some (shiddy) pictures of the kidnapping.

Click for enlargement of lower 3 images


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