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World Trip 1:
USA - Australia - Malaysia - Singapore
Like nearly all Pilots and Crew Members Baby is keeping up his own Flying Logbook were all the data of all flights are documented in scientific precision. Besides date, type of aircraft, registration number, pilot in command, as well as the route together with takeoff and landing time, you can see in the right half the (often funny) comments of the crew and sometimes clearances and lizences given to Baby after the flight (e.g. 18.07.97 when Baby is cleared Flanker Solo Display by Col. Nickolaj Koval, Ukrainian Airforce, during Fairford Air Tattoo).

Besides many routine missions during daily duty in the squadron, either at home in Lechfeld, Germany, or at any guest squadron round the world, Baby flew many exceptional missions on exceptional aircraft during exceptional events (e.g. over Iraq, during Bosnia conflict, during Kosovo war .....). Highlight in his carreer was of course the participation in the so called flag exercises (Red/Green/Maple Flag) as well as the NATO Tactical Leadership Programme TLP. Also on many airshows and air tattoos Baby showed the flag and was awarded many passenger flights with solo displays (e.g. Flanker, Mi-24 Hind D, Yak 18T) or with display teams (Red Arrows, Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille de France ...).

From time to time Baby went on world trips. Interesting places he saw were: Canada, USA, Bolivia, Fidji, Australia (cattle roundup with a helicopter there), Malaysia (jungle survival training), Singapore and many more and of course uncountable destinations in Europe.

World Trip 3:
Kanada - USA- Arabia
World Trip 2:
USA - Bolivia
World Trip 4:
Europe - USA
more Missions in preparation!

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